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Types of wool

Wool is one of the most ancient fibers people have been using from the primitive age. Primitives used to hunt animals, eat them and used furs of them as clothing. It is a magical fiber. It is all in one material. It has flexibility which keeps your body warm when it is cold outside and does the opposite in winter. It keeps our body warm in winter by confining the body temperature and air in the body inside and not letting the air come inside. Some types of wool are also water resistant. Its inner core absorbs moisture, and outer part dries the water by throwing off.

Wearing the right woolen fabric can ease you in shivering cold. Nowadays people are experimenting with garments to satisfy the customers. They are combining different materials to get varieties of benefits in one piece. Thermal wear is the latest addition to winter clothing. It is very light weighted and thin but keeps your body perfectly warm.

There are many types of wools. Most of them are from a wide range of the animal. But nowadays to keep the price range low or for increasing the quality people use these animal fur mixing with other materials.

Sheep wool:

It is the most common wool. It is very durable. It doesn’t stretches or wrinkles. It is very easy to dye. It is used to make suits, dresses, rugs, carpets, etc. The quality of products depends on the fine yarn of wool. The finer quality of wool produces soft materials. Many kinds of sheep produce various types of wool. But nowadays people mix it with other fabrics or artificial wool.

Alpaca wool:

It is becoming more and more popular among people. It comes from the huacaya and the suri, a mountain breed animal. It doesn’t need a lot of farm space to rear them and take less time than sheep to produce shearing. This type of wool feels very light, but it is strong and long lasting at the same time.


It comes from Kashmir goat. These species are mostly found in Asia near the hilly areas. To get soft and fine wool, people cut its hair instead of shaving. It makes the Cashmere wool quite expensive. But nowadays garments maker combine other fabrics with cashmere to make it affordable for all.

Merino wool:

Merino wool is known as the best type of wool all over the world. It comes from Australian sheep. Most of the people raise them for their high quality of wool. It provides the softest wool. The quality gets better by the number of yarn per square centimeter. It is shinier in look and keeps the body warm. It contains antibacterial properties and very comfortable as it regulates according to the body temperature.

Angora wool:

Angora wool is very delicate. It is produced from rabbit wool. It is water resistant as well as the heat insulating. It is very expensive and rare kind of wool. You have to dry wash it as it is very sensitive, hand washing might damage it.



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