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Pixhug Has The Power To Change The World. Find Out How?

The power of technology is unfathomable, and you have really no idea how small things can bring about big differences. Who could have imagined that a picture could help bring clean drinking water to villages, empower women, aid in educating orphan children and provide shelter to refugees? Pixhug has leveraged the power of photo sharing on social media and given ordinary the power to create extraordinary things.

Pixhug is basically a social change platform that aims to bring social media and social responsibility together for a noble cause. The millions of Likes on photos that go wasted have been given a positive meaning by turning those Liked into donations.

How does Pixhug work?

Pixhug is like any photo-sharing platform with just a small difference. For every photo you post on Pixhug, you can associate it with a charitable campaign. When someone likes the photos, for every Like, the sponsors pay 10 cents to the campaign you have chosen. Pixhug can be completely integrated with your Facebook profile, so all photos you share on Pixhug are posted on your Facebook page as well.

You get a dashboard on Pixhug that allows you to keep a check on the likes you get on your photos. You can also keep track of a number of donations raised for your selected campaign. It is a satisfying experience for Pixhug users.

How do the companies donate funds to your campaigns?

Both the sponsoring company and the charity get free promotion through Pixhug as every photo posted contains their logos. So, the sponsors enjoy a good name and publicity for being associated with charitable campaigns. The charities also get noticed, and this raises awareness about their cause. So, this is a win-win situation for all.

Pixhug Media Inc is one of those companies that inspire to change and help you discover a better and selfless world. In the world of selfies, this is one place that makes you selfless and enables you to bring about a positive difference in someone’s life.

Visit their Instagram profile and follow Pixhug fans to find out the latest news and happenings. Sign up to see photos and videos shared on Pixhug Instagram account. You can either share a photo or like on the photos posted to contribute to the causes.

Download the Pixhug app from App Store and take the first step towards being a world changer. Yes, Pixhug has shown us the way, now it’s upon us to unite and make this a reality!

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