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Morrissey Video Production : Your Solution to Video Productions

There are plenty of companies for video productions these days. Many of them are actually quite good. But, time may come when you need something better. It may prove difficult to find an extraordinary video production company. Today I am going to tell about one of those rare companies. The company is Morrisey Video Production Company. I am going to write about their services here.

Morrisey Video Production Company

It is a family owned and operated digital media company. It was officially founded in 2008. Brit and Seth Morrisey are the co-founders. They have almost 20 years experience of creating, filming and producing cinema quality video productions. They are regionally based on Portland, Oregon. But, they also travel the Pacific Northwest for filming. Here is their website:

Morrissey Video Production Company

Services Provided by Morrisey Video Production Company

Below are the services provided by Morrisey Video Production Company.


  • Aerial Videography

You will find the most breathtaking aerial videography in the state of Oregon by this company. They use high quality 4k cameras and cutting edge drones for this. Their work will surely provide a unique perspective of your business to your clients.

  • Aerial Photography

The company provides aerial photography services for real estates, golf course, building construction, wineries, farms and timber companies. They are FAA certified and insured.

  • Television Commercials

This is excellent for reaching new customers. The company can target the programs your customers watch. For this, they use services like Comcast Spotlight. They use cutting edge video cameras for creating broadcast and cinema quality videos.

  • Event Filming 

The company covers wedding, birthday party, fund raisers and other events. They can provide multiple camera angles and high quality sounds.

  • Photography

Quality photography is important for any business. With high quality images of your products and service, you can increase your custom base. You can also leverage your online marketing by these high quality images. Morrisey Video Production Company can help you there. You can also buy stock photography from them.

  • Video Productions

Video is said to be the most powerful medium to leverage your online marketing. The company’s powerful video will help you to reach more customers. Apart from television commercials and event filming, they also cover corporate videos.

  • Digital Marketing

After getting high quality pictures and videos, you need to make sure that people see those pictures. The company has teamed up with Oregon Web Solutions. They will provide you with digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and Social Media Marketing services.

  • Oregon Drone Company

Morrisey Video Production Company also provides commercial drone services. This service cover Portland, Salem, Eugene, and the entire state of Oregon. Their drone pilots are experts. In addition, they have been cleared by the FAA to offer commercial drone services. These services are aerial photography and videos, cell phone tower inspection, real estate video and photography, aerial inspections, golf course tours, etc.

Everyone wants to capture their special moments perfectly. Or, you may want to flourish in online marketing. Whatever the cause is, Morrisey Video Production Company is the perfect choice for you.

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