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Library Management System Features

Library management system often referred to as an automated library system is a software that helps in managing the standard housekeeping tasks of a library. These systems can be of different types, and they offer numerous features. They are available in various types of name and price range. This might appear confusing to those who wish to purchase library management software that meets some specific criteria. In this article we will tell you what you should look for in a good library management system:

•    It should support different types of standards such as MARC 21, which is a bibliographic standard. Some other commonly supported industry standards are ISO and ANSI/NISO standards, and character encoding standards like Unicode.
•    It should comprise of separate modules, and each should be able to handle a special aspect of library operations. There should be modules exist for acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, and serials control.
•    Library growth usually takes place on different fronts such as the number of patrons grows, collections grow, and libraries and merging of their online catalogs. These systems are created to put up growth on all these various fronts.
•    A good library management software is table-driven, which enables it to handle the modifications made to the database tables.
•    There should be different interfaces for staff and public. The staff interface is a GUI or graphical user interface that offers a full range of “back office” functionalities such as ordering books and materials, checking serial issues, catalog records creation, and checking volumes.

Eloquent Library Management System:

If you are planning to buy a library management system, then the Eloquent Library management software is a good option. This is a mobile friendly integrated library management system that has all the features you would normally find in a traditional ILS. However, it can also support digital content such as e-books, flip books, business documents, PDF’s, large maps, artifacts, videos, scrapbooks, photographs, journals, logbooks, and websites.

Some of the features of Eloquent Library management software include easy online access to resources, circulation control, serial processing of subscriptions, access to eBooks and other forms of digital content, import/export of MARC records, acquisitions with currency and budgeting. The best thing about Eloquent Library system is that you can access the content from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or any other mobile device.

If you would like to know more about Eloquent Library, then you can request for information online by filling up a form on the website. In addition to that, you may also apply for a free demo.

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