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Homebuilt Aircraft: Should You Build Your Own Airplane?

Building your own aircraft is something that many pilots are interested in doing. Unfortunately many people who start a home built aircraft never finish, usually this is because they fail to realistically assess what is involved in building with new home builders charlotte nc. While the idea of getting a very high performance airplane or saving a lot of money on an airplane can be seductive, it is essential that you be realistic with yourself about your ability and desire to actually build an airplane.

The most important thing to think about here is do you really want to build an airplane. A lot of people decide that they want to build their own airplane, rush out to buy the kit and then realize that they don’t really like building airplanes. The classified ads are full of partially completed kits for a reason, the main one being that most people grossly underestimate the amount of work involved. Remember if a kit says it should take two thousand hours to complete construction, if you plan to do it in a year that forty hours a week. Do you really have the time to devote to what is essentially a second full time job. You should also keep in mind that the estimated build times given by the manufacturers are for highly experienced builders. For most people it will probably take twice that time to complete your airplane. Also remember that the time estimate is just for the airframe, there is still plenty of work to be done after this is completed. Although it is possible to complete an aircraft in a year, five to ten years is a far more realistic estimate for most people.

The next thing to consider is whether or not you actually like to build things and whether or not you have the skills to build. As mentioned above there is a lot of work involved in constructing a homebuilt aircraft and a lot of that work can be quite tedious. Most successful builders are people who actually enjoy building things as a hobby, not people looking for a cheap airplane. If you don’t enjoy the work you will never get it done. You also need to assess the skills you have, do you have mechanical skills? If not you may have a problem. Can you weld? Do you have woodworking skills? If you choose a design that requires these skills you will have to acquire them if you don’t already have them.

You will also need to consider whether you have space to build an airplane. Most homebuilt aircraft can be built in your garage, providing you can afford to give up that space. I’ve even heard of a guy who built the wings for is homebuilt in his kitchen ( you’ll need a really understanding wife for this). Generally speaking building outside is not an option so having a space to build is something you will need to think about before you decide to build your own airplane.

There are many other things that you need to consider before you decide to build your own airplane. Ultimately only you can decide whether you are cut for homebuilding, so it is important to be honest with yourself and realistically assess whether you really have the ability and desire to build an airplane. If not you will very likely end up with a half

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